Some FAQ’s in regards to Radiation and Lead Protection

Many businesses and people are still unclear about the ways lead can protect people from the harmful affects of radiation. Following are some helpful FAQ’s that should help unravel the mysteries between lead and radiation

How does lead protect people and animals from radiation?

Lead sheets protect humans and animals from radiation simply because of its very high molecular density. This has the powerful effect of stopping harmful gamma rays and x-rays which makes it a very useful product for the health & veterinary industries when taking x-rays. You will find that before any X ray is taken there is some type of kind of lead sheet or lead protection nearby that can be used to protect people.

Why are lead sheets used in the medical industry?

Lead sheets are able to be bent to certain shapes and sizes and are perfect for building them into doors and walls in doctors surgeries, veterinarian surgeries as well as hospitals. These customised lead sheets are used to protect patients, animals, doctors and staff from the harmful effects of gamma rays. If you are thinking’s about opening up any business in this area and need protection from radiation you need to contact the experts at Midland Lead who can advice and fit out your business with customised lead sheets.

Does my business require radiation protection and shielding?

Almost all businesses, organisations and medical facilities where there is some radiation producing machine or apparatus will require some form of radiation shielding design. If you are not sure about this you must talk to a qualified person or business about this before you start out. This may seem like a trivial matter but this must be addressed by people that know what they are talking about. Again, best to contact the team of lead specialists at Midland Lead.

Can a pregnant employee work in an X ray department without suffering from the effects of radiation?

Yes they can so long as there are lead sheets in place to protect them from the gamma rays.
What are the main lead products to shield people from radiation.

There are many led products and the most popular and well know industry wide are: leaded glass, sheet lead, lead plates, lead bricks and lead ingots. They are all available in Australia and can be bought through businesses that specialise in lead products.

For the purposes of this blog we have highlighted some key questions regarding the relationship between lead and radiation. There are obviously more in depth articles and commentary about this but for consumers and businesses that are concerned about radiation and the impact it has on their business, clients and employees they rally need to get professional advice on how they are able to mitigate the effects of radiation.