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Radiation Board 

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Midland Lead Australia have combined their knowledge of lead sheet to produce lead products suitable for radiation protection in the healthcare sector. Whilst the majority of this lead production is destined for roofing and cladding work, demand for the lead lined boards for radiation barrier is strong.


Available in codes and sizes to suit you;

Radiation board Sizes Available 
Code 1 (0.44mm) – Code 5 (2.24mm). Standard Sizes1.22m X 2.1m

1.22m X 2.4m.

1.22m X 2.7m.

1.22m X 3m.

For custom lead board fabrications solution call us on 02 8071 8166

Midland Lead Australia delivers lead boards Australia wide. 


Our lead lined plasterboard products are used extensively in hospitals, dental surgeries and veterinary practises to provide complete protection against x-rays for staff and patients, where x-ray radiation protection is essential to safeguard staff and patients.


Why choose radiation board? 

A radiation board  has proved to be a very effective method of protecting against x-rays. With its lead’s high density properties and flexibility, a lead sheet is the superior form of radiation shielding provides reliable and proven radiation protection.


Material supplied to recent projects, including heavy grade lead sheet for x-ray protection in several hospitals in Australia as well as for the refurbishment of dental and veterinary surgeries in Australia.


Although the application of lead sheet for x-ray protection is straightforward and the variety of lead thickness we provide make it, even more, convenient, we have outlined some tips.


We recommend the use of a government-appointed radiation protection advisor to determine the thickness of the lead sheet for your radiation project.


When using lead structures such as walls and ceilings, using plasterboard, always carefully calculate the weight of panels before fitting.


Our lead-lined boards, all manufactured to the highest standard to suit specific and individual project requirements to ensure protection from radiation.


Midland Lead Australia offers a large range of lead-lined boards. Our most popular products are our lead-lined plaster and plywood boards. All boards are made to order meaning we can supply both standard and bespoke pieces to suit your requirements.


Ultimately, the product choice will depend upon what the product will be used for (the purpose) and any specifications advised by project architect or physicist. 


We have assisted many organisations with their radiation shielding solutions and we encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss your project and obtain pricing.  


Midland Lead Australia can deliver, arrange a courier, or alternately we will work with your courier provider to arrange delivery.


For information on the many radiation shielding solutions we have available please contact us today for a quotation on 02 8071 8166 or email us on info@midlandlead.com.au.