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Midland Lead Australia is a leading supplier of premium quality lead flashing and radiation products at outlet prices. Established in 2003, we have enjoyed consistent growth and today supply our products across Australia.


Midland Lead has been BBA approved since 1983 and our products meet all Building Regulations requirements when laid in accordance with the relevant EN Codes of Practice and manufactured to AUSTRALIAN STANDARD AS 1804-1976.


For thousands of years, lead has been used by mankind in a variety of ways. Recent discoveries have shown that lead smelting took place in Turkey almost 9,000 years ago. While the British Museum in London has on display a lead statuette which dates from Egypt in around 3,000 B.C.


Lead sheet life span is over 80 years and is mainly used as a weatherproofing material in the construction industry due to the high resistance of lead to corrosion. Lead has long been a vitality important building material in more recent times.


Thanks to its flexibility and strength, this is the best way to make complex roofs waterproof. And, it works out cheaper because it is a long term solution. Lead is not a short term solution. Indeed, it is an investment to your property.


Lead is always in style and when pre-treated with patination oil lead will keep its look for decades even during harshest climate condition.


Lead has many more applications these days: to provide soundproofing in a variety of acoustic applications, to protect medical staff and patients from exposure to X-rays, as radiation shielding in nuclear power stations and as ballast in a wide range of nautical vessels for example.


Here at Midland Lead, we take great pride in our commitment to environmentally friendly lead production and recycling. At Midland Lead Australia we firmly believe in recycling scrap lead wherever possible.


We supply 100% recyclable lead rolls that have a small impact on global warming relative to the production of other man-made synthetic materials. We believe in sustainability and lead is an environmentally friendly product.


Why Choose Lead? 

  • Lead adds value to your investment and correctly installed lead will last a lifetime.
  • Lead is environmentally friendly as it produces the lowest carbon footprint and it is 100% recyclable.
  • Lead is easy with work due to its malleability and can withstand any atmospheric and chemical corrosion.

The oldest known lead artefact is a statuette dating back to around 3800 B.C.


The excellence of our lead products is supported by our customer-focused sales staff who are equipped with the latest computer technology to help them track and trace any order.


Midland Lead Australia supplies lead flashing and radiation products all throughout Australia.


From machine cast lead and rolled lead, to lead ancillaries, medical lead and sand cast lead – we supply them all at competitive prices. It’s a unique position we are very proud of!


For all your lead requirements, please contact our team today to speak to our helpful staff on 02 8071 8166.