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Uniform density


Reliable protection


Cost effective


Stable and permanent



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In recent years, we have combined our knowledge of shielding technology with our experience in manufacturing lead sheet to produce lead products suitable for radiation protection in the health sector.


Available in codes and sizes to suit you;

Radiation Lead Sizes Available

Code 1 (0.44mm) to Code 5 (2.24mm).

Standard sizes 

1.22m X 2.1m

1.22m X 2.4m

For custom radiation lead fabrication solution call us today on  02 8071 8166.

Midland Lead Australia delivers radiation lead Australia wide. 


Whether your requirements is for a medical, dental, veterinary or industrial application, Midland Lead Australia will ensure that you get the radiation lead  that meets your X-ray protection needs.


Its popularity is mainly due to the fact that the radiation lead is the most reliable barrier available. The uniform density and thickness, chemical stability, flexibility and reasonable cost of lead sheet, making it the most cost-effective x-ray protection barrier.


Moreover, the use of lead sheet in x-ray protection applications is stated to be the safest form of shielding available.


Lead sheet has proved to be a very effective method of protecting against x-rays. In addition, it is readily available and offers the assurance that once installed the protection offered by the lead sheeting will never become porous or deteriorate in any way.


To provide the necessary radiation protection, radiation lead can be built into a variety of structures, such as walls, doors and windows.  Midland Lead Australia provides custom-designed radiation lead to meet your specific radiation protection requirements.


Although the application of radiation lead for x-ray protection is straightforward and the variety of lead thickness we provide make it, even more, convenient, we have outlined some tips.

  • We recommend the use of a government-appointed radiation protection advisor to determine the thickness of the lead sheet for your radiation project.
  • When using lead structures such as walls and ceilings, using plasterboard, always carefully calculate the weight of panels before fitting.


The excellence of our products is also supported by our customer focused sales staff.

So do not hesitate, use the safest and most permanent form of protection against x-rays and contact us today on 02 8071 8166 or info@midlandlead.com.au