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Lead Glass 


Scratch resistant 


Guaranteed level of x-ray protection


High light transmission




Reliable protection


Lead Glass Used In 









Midland Lead Australia now supplies premium grade lead equivalent glass and is custom made to design specifications.


Available in codes and sizes to suit you;

Lead Glass Sizes Available 

Supply lead glass rated 2.2mmpb which is lead equivalent 25kg.

For custom lead glass solution call us on 02 8071 8166.

Midland Lead Australia delivers lead glass Australia wide. 
Lead glass protects doctors and employees from X-ray radiation  with no glass discoloration or quality of viewing deterioration.


It offers high light transmission, is scratch resistant and does not discolor due to radiation. This can be used for viewing panels, in windows or within mobile or fixed lead screens. A 2.0 mm Pb glass offers the same protective effect as a lead wall 2 mm thick.


A sketch or drawing can be invaluable when assessing individual client needs. Please feel free to provide any documentation or specific measurement requirements you are aware of when making your inquiry.


The excellence of our products is also supported by our customer focused sales staff. So do not hesitate, use the safest and most permanent form of protection against x-rays and contact us today on 02 8071 8166 or info@midlandlead.com.au.