Midland Lead Australia supplies a premium grade 99.9% pure lead sheet at affordable prices across Australia.

We serve Health care industry: supply radiation shielded products such as lead glass, lead frames, lead doors and radiation boards and radiation lead.

With advancing technology, the realm of medical procedures being performed on patients is steadily rising. The increased complexity of these medical procedures requires longer x-ray time and, as a result, leads to greater radiation exposure for both patients and medical staff. Lead is one of the effective barriers against ionizing radiation safeguarding against gamma and x-rays because of the high density and high atomic number.

We supply lead products to

Architects │Dentists │Veterinary clinic │Builders and contractors │Hospital and Clinics

Construction industry: supply lead flashings, lead rolls and lead sheet.
Midland Lead Australia supplies lead directly to customers.

Our lead is certified by the British Board of Agreement (BBA)–Certificate No: 86/1764.

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It has CE mark EN14783 showing that it is a fully supported metal product to be used for roof coverings and for wall claddings or linings.

Lead is used on heritage building to preserve its beauty by specialist heritage roofers. Midland Lead Australia supplies lead rolls in various thicknesses Lead thickness Weight per sq.m

Why is lead so popular in the construction industry?

Density: The high density of lead is very effective in shielding against gamma and X-ray radiation.

Durable: We commonly use lead for roof flashing and therefore withstand harsh atmospheric conditions and last for over 60 years. Lead is highly resistant to corrosion and suitable for roofing applications.

Environmental credentials: At Midland Lead Australia, we only supply and use 100% recycled lead.

Long life span: Lead roofs can last for a very long time. If lead is correctly installed and properly treated, our machine cast lead can last for over 60 years.

Weatherproofing: When lead is installed correctly a lead membrane provides an excessive barrier and impregnable for moisture and water and such qualities of lead contribute further to last for many many years.

Lead is an investment to your property and adds value to your property.

We supply lead products to

Architects │Builders and contractors │Hospital and Clinics │Specialist heritage roofers

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