Midland Lead Australia Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading quality supplier of lead flashing products. Our lead sheet is produced to EN Code Weights and has British Standard BS EN certification.

Midland Lead Australia Pty Ltd was originally formed in 2007. The company is a proud distributor of high quality lead products manufactured by Midland Lead Manufacturers Ltd, based in the United Kingdom. For more than 30 years, Midland Lead has been providing lead products, lead flashing and superior customer service to customers all over the world. Rest assured, you are receiving high-quality radiation shielded products.

Main operations:

  • Supply all lead flashing: Lead thickness: 1.32 15KG. Lead thickness: 1.80mm 20KG. Lead thickness: 2.24mm 25KG.

Midland Lead Australia supplies lead flashing in two standard size 3m and 6m, with widths ranging from 150mm to 1400mm.

  • Heritage lead for roof box gutters: Lead thickness: 2.65mm 30KG. Lead thickness: 3.15mm 35KG. Lead thickness: 3.55mm 40KG.


  • Install lead for roof flashing, damp proof course, roof tiles and slates.


  • Ancillary products: Patination oil, copper nails, lead sealant, lead washer, slot screw, copper strips,

Lead Tools: Midland Lead stock a full range of lead working tools including a dresser, bossing stick, bending stick, mallet and chase wedge.


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