Midland Lead Australia Pty Ltd have been the premier supplier of lead for many heritage restoration projects on several prestigious and culturally significant buildings.  Featured below is one example of a very special project.

QVB Sydney – Quick Facts

Lead products used: Midland Lead’s traditional lead CODE 5 and 6, copper nails and copper strip.  The installation of the work was carried out by heritage restoration specialists, Architectural Leadwork Pty Ltd.  The project took place throughout the period 2009-2013.

The Project

The QVB sits majestically in the centre of Sydney’s bustling CBD.  The building is surrounded by other buildings of prominence including St Andrews Cathedral and Sydney Town Hall. The building fronts the streetscape of George, York and Market Streets.  The building dates back to 1898 and represents the Victorian-Federation era in Australia.  There is truly no other building with this unique style of architecture in Australia.  The building operates as a retail building today, just as it did in the 19th Century as a market building.

The lead work involved the following procedures:

  • Removing existing decayed lead work
  • Repairs to stonework
  • Shaping and installing lead in 1m sections

Lead fixing work methods also included:

  • Locked welted joints
  • Bossing and shaping lead over stonework
  • Lead welding corners and junctions