Midland Lead Australia have combined their knowledge of lead sheet to produce lead products suitable for radiation protection in the healthcare sector. Our products include thin lead sheet and lead-lined boards, all manufactured to the highest standard to suit specific and individual project requirements to ensure protection from radiation.

Midland Lead Australia offers a large rand of lead-lined boards. Our most popular products are our lead-lined plaster and plywood boards. All boards are made to order, meaning we can supply both standard and bespoke pieces to suit your requirements. Rolled lead sheet ranging in thickness of 0.44mm to 2.2mm is cut and bonded to plasterboard, plywood or MDF. Medical lead is also available in different heights:

  • Description: 2700mm x 1220mm lead-lined structural board – lead 2.7m
  • Description: 2400mm x 1220mm lead-lined structural board – lead 2.4m
  • Description: 2100mm x 1220mm lead-lined structural board – lead 2.1m

The following table shows the different sizes, thicknesses and weights of our radiation boards:

Item Lead Thickness ML Code Weight (kg/psm)
Lead Sheet 0.44mm Code 1 5
Lead Sheet 0.88mm Code 2 10
Lead Sheet 1.32mm Code 3 15
Lead Sheet 1.76mm Code 4 20
Lead Sheet 2.2mm Code 5 25

Ultimately, the product choice will depend upon what the product will be used for (the purpose) and any specifications advised by project architect or physicist. Some other points which will help us further understand your requirements include:

  • What thickness of lead you require (You may wish to refer to architect specifications or clarify with a physicist)
  • How high the lead lining needs to go (L x W x H)
  • Whether you also require lead glass or a lead-lined door
  • The measurements for the walls, doors and glass
  • What weight of lead you require

We have assisted many organisations with their radiation shielding solutions and we encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss your project and obtain pricing. Midland Lead Australia can deliver, arrange a courier, or alternatively we will work with your courier provider to arrange delivery. For further information on the many radiation shielding solutions we have available please contact us today for a quotation.

For all your lead requirements, contact our team today to talk to our helpful staff.


  • Facts on our lead products range

    Facts on our lead products range

      Midland Lead Australia supplies and delivers radiation shielding products, lead flashings and lead rolls Australia wide.  We adhere to safety, quality, and integrity. At Midland Lead Australia, we supply 100% recyclable lead rolls and have a small impact on global warming relative to the production of other man-made synthetic materials. WeREAD MORE
  • Quality lead Supplier in Australia.

    Quality lead Supplier in Australia.

    Midland Lead Australia supplies a premium grade 99.9% pure lead sheet at affordable prices across Australia. We serve Health care industry: supply radiation shielded products such as lead glass, lead frames, lead doors and radiation boards and radiation lead. With advancing technology, the realm of medical procedures being performed on patients isREAD MORE


Midland Lead have been manufacturing lead for 27 years.

20th December 2016

We are proud of the high-quality lead products, lead flashing and service we have been giving to our customers since 1983.

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