With a life span of over 80 years, it’s easy to see why lead remains the material of choice for roofing and flashing, weatherproofing, radiation shielding and soundproofing.

At Midland Lead Australia, we provide our customers with the highest quality lead sheet material approved by the British Board of Agreement (BAA), also conformant with BS EN 12588 standard. Lead’s unique properties of high density, durability, malleability and good corrosion resistance provide a valuable material for solving a wide range of problems.

To its proven performance, lead is an environmentally friendly product and it is 100% recyclable. Thus lead has a small impact on global warming.

Lead is a material of choice

Lead is an environmentally friendly product

Midland Lead Australia supplies 99.9% pure lead and 100% recyclable lead.

Lead has been proven to be one of the cleanest and greenest materials readily available with a significantly lower carbon footprint. At Midland Lead Australia, we value in maintaining sustainable future therefore the products we use are recyclable, but knowing have been recycled is even better.

Lead is adaptable

Lead is versatile and easy to use, allowing it to be shaped, bent, and cut to suit all applications.

Lead’s pleasing grey colour blends well with any functional colour scheme and works alongside other building materials, it is flexible and non-corrosive – it can withstand harshest environmental conditions.

Lead sheet is used in so many ways from waterproofing, roofing, flashing, radiation shielding and noise abatement. Lead’s pleasing qualities – durability, environmental credentials, long life span, and resistance to corrosion makes lead material of choice within many industries that we serve today.

Lead adds value to your investment

Lead sheet is cost competitive with other building materials because it is a long-term solution. Lead sheet doesn’t lift in high winds but rather stays put to withstand toughest environmental conditions.

Lead sheet polished with patination oil will help lead retain its good looks for years. Midland Lead Australia supplies premium grade lead sheet and is produced to EN Code Weights and confirms to British Standard BS EN certification.

Lead is always in style

Lead is as popular as it was 100 years ago, as it is stylish and practical solution to today’s environment conditions. Builders, architects, and engineers prize lead for its enduring qualities.

Lead treated with patination oil helps to retain its good looks for many years.

Midland Lead Australia supplies both machine cast lead and radiation lead

Machine cast lead

Midland Lead Australia supplies machine cast lead and is available in thickness codes 1 (o.44mm) – 8 (3.55mm). The commonest lengths we supply in machine cast lead sheet are 3m and 6m, with requests for widths ranging from 150mm to 1400mm.

Radiation Lead

Furthermore, we also supply radiation lead in thickness codes 1 (o.44mm) – code 5 (2.2mm). The commonest length and width we supply for radiation lead are 1220mm X 2400mm and 1220 X 2100mm, with requests for lead thickness ranging from CODE1 (0.44mm) to CODE 5 (2.2mm).

Midland Lead Australia is proud to have been serving our nation’s lead shielding need. We will continue to provide our customers with best quality materials, excellent customer service to meet their project specifications.

Midland Lead Australia can deliver, arrange a courier, or alternately we will work with your courier provider to arrange delivery. For further information on the many radiation shielding solutions we have available please contact us today for a quotation. (Link to the Contact page)

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    Facts on our lead products range

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    Quality lead Supplier in Australia.

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Midland Lead have been manufacturing lead for 27 years.

20th December 2016

We are proud of the high-quality lead products, lead flashing and service we have been giving to our customers since 1983.

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