Midland Lead Australia now supplies premium grade Lead Equivalent Glass and is custom made to design specifications. Our lead infused glass contains 56% lead content. It offers high light transmission, is scratch resistant and does not discolour due to radiation. This can be used for viewing panels, in windows or within mobile or fixed lead screens.

Our clients predominantly come from healthcare industries requiring specialised radiation shielding lead glass to meet Australia’s current government compliance obligations. Our lead glass is used in X-Ray rooms, laboratories, and other applications. 

A sketch or drawing can be invaluable when assessing individual client needs. Please feel free to provide any documentation or specific measurement requirements you are aware of when making your enquiry.

Midland Lead Australia can deliver, arrange a courier, or alternately we will work with your courier provider to arrange delivery.  For further information on the many radiation shielding solutions we have available please contact us today for a quotation.

For all your lead requirements, contact our team today to talk to our helpful staff.


  • Patination oil

    Patination oil

    Using patination oil Patination oil is applied to treat new installed lead. So what is patination oil? Patination oil was developed by the UK lead and building industry to prevent unsightly white staining on the lead work itself, or on the surrounding brickwork. That staining is a white carbonate which often occursREAD MORE
  • Some FAQ’s in regards to Radiation and Lead Protection

    Some FAQ’s in regards to Radiation and Lead Protection

    Many businesses and people are still unclear about the ways lead can protect people from the harmful affects of radiation. Following are some helpful FAQ’s that should help unravel the mysteries between lead and radiation How does lead protect people and animals from radiation? Lead sheets protect humans and animals from radiationREAD MORE


Midland Lead have been manufacturing lead for 27 years.

20th December 2016

We are proud of the high-quality lead products, lead flashing and service we have been giving to our customers since 1983.

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