Midland Lead Ancillary Products

Midland Lead Australia offer the following ancillary products which can assist you in getting the most out of your lead project.  Although lead is extremely durable and easy to shape and work with, preparation, maintenance and using the right tools will ensure that the finished product will be admired for years to come.  We strongly recommend the use of the ancillaries listed.

Ancillary product Characteristics and usage Supplied in
Copper Nails Copper nails (BS 6915 1988) are used to fix lead work. Our annular ring shank copper nails have the following measurements: 25mm length x 3.55mm diameter. Copper nails are available in boxes of 1kg
Copper Strip Midland Lead copper strips prevent lead flashings from lifting in high wind. Strips are supplied in 20m coils that can be cut to length
Flexible lead joints (multi-joints) A lead EPDM rubber gutter expansion is designed to overcome the need to fit oversized lead sheet. It can be used in gutters of all shapes, sizes and fall. Available in joints of 3m x 400mm lengths
Flexible lead slate (multi-slates) A lead and rubber universal weathering slate (450x450mm Code 4 lead base) can be dressed to any tile shape and the units will accept pipes from 25 to 160mm in diameter. Both flat (0° – 20°) and pitched (20° – 40°)lead slates are available in boxes of 5 slates
   Hall clips Hall clips are a fast and efficient way to fix lead sheet into a joint. Clips are supplied in boxes of 500 pieces – 10 bags of 50 clips
 Lead domes Domes are used to fix lead sheet for decorative purposes.  Our dome sets are supplied in bags of 20
   Lead funnel Lead funnels are used to form the outlet on a timber or cast iron gutter. Funnels are available in three different sizes: 51, 57 and 63mm diameter
   Lead motifs Midland Lead’s motifs are used to fix lead sheet for decorative purposes. Midland Lead’s motifs can be supplied as individual units.
Lead sealant (multi-point) Our high quality, lead coloured, silicone resin sealant ensures a watertight, flexible joint between lead and brickwork or masonry (BS5889 Type A). Lead sealant is available in a box containing 12 tubes (310ml)
  Lead slate Lead slates are used to make a lead work watertight. A slate is made of Code 4 lead, on a 450x450mm base with 50 to 150mm diameter pipe in 30°, 45° and 90° (flat) patterns. Lead slates are available as individual units
  Lead tools  Midland Lead stock a full range of lead working tools including a dresser, bossing stick, bending stick, mallet and chase wedge. Our lead tools are available to purchase as individual units
  Lead underlay (multi-lay) A non-woven polyester felt underlay isolates the lead from the roof deck allowing it to respond more easily to thermal movement, also allowing air movement below the lead, so that any trapped moisture dries out. Lead underlay is supplied in rolls of 25m x 1m
Patination oil Patination oil prevents the unsightly white staining of tiles and brickwork that can occur when new lead work is left untreated. Available in boxes of 4 x 0.5 and 18 x 0.5 litre tins and 4 x 1 and 10 x 1 litre tins
Scalloped lead (multi-trim) Precision cut ready-made scalloped lead flashings (Classic, Norman and Saxon) give your lead work a decorative look. Available in 3 popular patterns and supplied in 3m x 300mm Code 4 lead rolls
Stainless steel strip (multi-clip) Terne coated stainless steel strips prevent lead flashings from lifting in high winds. Supplied in 20m coils that can be cut to length
  Wood core roll (multi-roll) Vac-Vac treated softwood timber roll to form lead work joints. Available in 1.2m and 2.4m lengths in standard roll dimensions
Slot Screw Galvanized heritage roofing screw Available in 50mm & 75mm lengths
  Lead Washer Round lead washer for slotted screws Available in 25kg/m2 thickness

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